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Camilla d'Errico
Edition of 100 - Signed & Numbered by the Artist
Paper Size: 24" x 20"
Image Size: 20" x 15.75"
$150 Each

 "Pangea" is a poignant portrayal of creatures on the edge of extinction, revealing the toll of human intervention on their once-thriving habitats. It's a reminder of our influence and the potential loss of these beings. "Pangea" embodies Gaia, reflecting both mournful and hopeful aspects of nature. Gaia's touch showcases fragile beauty, needing protection from our actions.

This print is chosen for its alignment with the show's core message. It encapsulates the value of life and the urgency to preserve nature. The animals depicted are on the brink of extinction due to human impact. Sharing this print among 100 homes fosters conversations that can spark change globally.

The name "Pangea" itself is symbolic of our planet's fragility. This print urges us to unite as stewards of nature. Remember, the conversations ignited and awareness raised by "Pangea" can create a ripple effect, inspiring positive change worldwide.
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